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Today I'm taking the reigns from Momathon for the Blog for Digs awareness event. Hosted by Stonehouse Love, the chain is benefitting Dwell with Dignity. Over the next few weeks several bloggers will be raising awareness for this great org by answering the question “My Childhood Bedroom Was…”

My childhood bedroom was strangely predictive of future tendancies: namely an obsessive love affair with interior design. My Mom started me off well in the design world because we had Marimekko sheets. I remember very clearly my Mom telling me this because I liked saying the word while I ran my fingers over the brightly colored trucks and cars. Mar-i-me-kko. Satisfying, isn’t it?

As a kid though I didn’t want awesome Swedish design. I wanted a fluffy white bedroom. I wanted a white eyelet comforter and a mini-vanity with a fluffy white skirt to “apply makeup”. Everything white and perfect, for me the perfect, uptight princess kid.

My mother wasn’t having any of this white-nonsense. “It’ll just get dirty,” she said. She absolutely put her foot down. I have a white duvet and white slip-covered couch now, so I sure showed her, huh?

Anyways we had to work out a middle ground. The compromise? A dusty rose comforter (reversible to light pink!) set from Mervyns. How that is less dirty than white is not super-clear to me, but hey, she did the laundry. So whatever she wanted went!

Even though it wasn't my dream I was happy. I don’t know what kind of weird kid I was but I was psyched. “Coordinating linens!” I was living the dream. When my Mom bought me a roll of rose-printed contact paper with which to cover my switch-plates and garbage can I was nearly overcome with joy. We finished it off with a hot pink bean bag chair.

I mean, really. Could my room BE any cooler?

And then something destroyed our mother-daughter decorating harmony. Actually it was someone, or rather five someones.

The New Kids on the Block.

At some point in the late 80s I had to surrender to their power and then my bedroom, much to my mother’s chagrin was covered in this….

Don’t laugh! All my 30-something peers, I know you did it too! In fact my friend Lisa told me she still has a framed picture of Jordan. “Oh, in your old bedroom” I said. “No, she said, “In my closet!”

I wonder if her husband knows about this….


Tomorrow please visit Brandi at Not your Average Ordinary for a sneak peak into her childhood bedroom. And please, be sure to visit the Dwell with Dignity website. I was so fortunate as a child to have food, clothes, a loving family and a room of my own that I loved. Let's try to give the same to families who don't have those things.

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