Nutella would like to register some complaints

Thank you guys all so much for cheering on my Denver shennanigans. I wish you all could've been with me. I had a blast and the time apart really helped me to appreciate it when my little one came home today with a big hug for me! Today is one of those days when I wish you could all speak Spanish because what I am about to share is so much awesomer in language. I love you guys  and I have done my diligent best to translate the essence of it's glory. Please read below the amazing e-mail Arnold sent me while I was in Denver.

Hi Honey, Elian saw the video you sent and was very happy. He's asking for you every three seconds. On the other hand I wanted to let you know that I had a very serious conversation with Nutella today. She says she's fed up with eating the same thing every day. She reports that she eats cat sh*t in the backyard because it's the only way to switch things up a bit. She also complains that we won't feed her from the table. She said and I quote "You could at least let that little terror throw me a bit of rice". She continued her tirade by saying that now we never take her on walks and that through the window she sees that other people are still walking their dogs. What's up with that?

She also says she's tired of staying home inside all day listening to NPR and asserts that even dogs deserve respect. She's also pissed because we don't give her bones or bathe her often enough. The only positive things she had to say on our behalf was that she loves watching TV on the "big screen"-she said "big screen" in English- and that above all she favors watching Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory.

Anyways, that was the conversation I ended up having with Nutella today. Just letting you know so that you are up to date with everything going at Casa Perez.

Un beso, Arnold

Unrelated note: Oh, and Happy Veteran's day!  Remember to take a moment and thank the veterans in your life for their service to our country.

Posted on November 10, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca, Nothing to Do with Anything.