Nothing is too wonderful to be True

Remember when I teased about my fun and unexpected surprise on Monday?  Here is a foto-novela of my Happy Friday surprise.

Me: Did you know that Pam bought me a mixer? Why is she buying me such an expensive present?

Mom:  Oh, yeah. (Nonchalantly) You didn't know about the mixer?

Me:  Uh. NO.  I did not know about "the mixer".

Mom: Yeah, Pam won it in a raffle.  She says she hoped you would like it even though you wanted a pink one. (Actually it was yellow, but that's pretty much moot and unimportant now)

Me: She won it in raffle?  Then it was pretty much free for the most part?  OH my goodness that is so awesome!

Mom: Yeah, she won it for free!  I can't believe you didn't know.

My aunt gave me a mixer she WON for free?  It's the best of all possible worlds.

Next up of course I had to call my Aunt(while buying butter at Target for the upcoming baking binge of course).  My Aunt is generally against the modern invention called the telephone but on Friday she picked up right away.

Me:  Auntie Pammie. Thankyoueversomuchfortheamazingmixer. I can'ttellyouhowexcitediam!

Pam: Oh you got it!  Good I was worried. I saw it on your blog and then when they had a raffle at work I entered it cause I knew you wanted one. Everyone was upset that I won it.  All the men were offering me $200 to buy it for their wives.

Me:  Yeah, I bet!  Those things retail for like $400.

Pam:  Oh yeah? Well I knew they were pretty nice.  Well, anyways I told them "No, this is for my niece Emily, she likes to eat and she wants a mixer."

Well said Pam.  Well said.

When I originally posted my birthday "wish list" I felt like maybe I was being a bit greedy for daring to list such extravagant things but if I hadn't done that my Aunt would never have even known that I wanted a mixer.  Then she never would have entered the raffle with the intention of winning it for me.

Thank you Auntie Pam for thinking of me!  And the rest of you... get ready for a lot of baking porn photography!

Posted on November 3, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.