Who holds Who hostage?

Have you seen the movie Up in the Air?  You know, the one with George Clooney where he travels around and fires people.  It’s a great movie, you should see it!  Anyways, in the movie George’s character looooves the business travel and you know what, so do I. I like the duvets at the hotel and the people who great me as if I’m dignitary “How can I help you Ms. Perez? Is everything to your liking?”

Uh, YEAH it’s to my liking!  Que viva the hotel life!

I also love meeting random people and especially cab drivers.  I have no idea why but I really enjoy making friends with drivers: that is after I’ve determined they are not going to kill me. I’m very paranoid and generally think people are trying to kill me.

For example, Tuesday when I was returning to the airport I was convinced that my cabdriver was going to kidnap me and steal my laptop.  I had already decided that I was the future victim of some underground San Diego-Somali cab driver ring when he started playing Mariah Carey.  For some reason this snapped me out of my delusion, I mean obviously no kidnapper is going to sing you some “We belong together” before he stuffs you in the trunk.

I know, obviously I’m crazy. I feel for the cab drivers.

After I felt confident that I would live to see the airport I set about making friends because when I am not busy planning how to escape a hypothetical kidnapping I am very busy blah-blah-blahing at people.

It’s actually more like I kidnap them with my non-stop babble.

Most of the time they are totally down to chat, especially the drivers in Atlanta.  I love the ATL drivers.  The last one I trapped was the best.   Somehow in the 25 minute ride to the airport we started talking about our beliefs regarding the afterlife.  Mr. Felip believes that it’s important to do our best but that God is also forgiving, so dont' worry about giving up too much fun.

He also believed that I should not stop to get Sweet Potato Pancakes from the Highland Bakery because I would be late.  He was wrong and we got into quite the verbal  altercation, it almost derailed our 25-minute friendship.  I won because I am the queen of the world! I mean… the customer. (I mean really insistent about food) Regardless of our differences, I had to resist the urge to hug him when he dropped me off.

Cut to me at the airport.  Bye. Bye. Mr. Felip. I'll see you, well never.  (Sniff)

How about you guys?  Do you like business travel?

Posted on November 1, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.