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Today's guest is Allison Holker!  Allison competed on Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance and is still one of my all-time favorite competitors.  She returned last summer as an All-Star and is currently touring the country with the Season 7 contestants.  Today Allison will share with us what it's like to be a professional dancer AND a working mother. Welcome to our space Allison!

1) You’ve been in a lot of memorable routines on the show including one of my personal favorites “Sexy Love/Umbrella Dance”. What has been your personal favorite to be a part of and why?

Of my entire experience being on SYTYCD my favorite routine I've ever had the opportunity of performing was from this season, choreographed by Travis Wall "FIX YOU". This number meant alot to both Robert and I and we feel blessed to have been able to dance for Travis' mother!

2) What has been your favorite dance (from any season-that you were in or not)

I loved "MAD WORLD" its a piece that Stacey Tookey choreographed on ADE and BILLY. Also the group number DIMITRY choreographed on season 5.

3) My friends and I are So You Think You Can Dance fanatics and even though you were our very first “favorite” dancer and always have had great technique we noticed that you have grown a lot since the time you competed on the show. I feel like you have a much greater depth to your dancing now. What’s changed for you between now and then?

I think it might be my maturity level. Since being on the show I've traveled alot, worked on alot of different gigs, and then also became a mother. So I feel like my heart is full and that's what maybe shows through in my dancing.

4) What do you think is one of the most important ways for dancers to grow and mature?

Never let yourself feel like your too good for a job. Everything is a learning experience. The moment you stop learning and embracing the new, is the moment you just lost!

5) You have a daughter that is almost exactly the same age as my son (2 years old). I work full time and love being a working Mom but I absolutely cannot imagine trying to manage the kind of career you have and being a Mom. What advice do you have for dancers who would like to have a performance career and a family?

IT'S POSSIBLE!!! Never let go of your dreams, there's always a way to work things out. It's not easy balancing my life, or in my case having energy for everything I want to do haha!! But because I'm so determined it works! It's sometimes difficult to figure out the balance, but my biggest hope is that by me working as hard as I am, my daughter will grow up and see that with enough hard work and dedication anything is possible. And because I've had to become a working mother, I've also decided that as much energy I give at work I will give my daughter daughter double when I'm with her. So after work it's not TV time, it's singing and dancing, going to the park or museum, or riding a bike! It's tiring but she deserves it!

6) Becoming a Mom changed me a lot as a person on every level. How did becoming a Mom change you? Did affect you as a dancer?

It definitely changed me. It helped me grow up faster, and also opened up my eyes to the more important things in life... FAMILY, having my daughter helped my relationship with my own parents. It made me appreciate all their hard work, and now I almost don't go a day with out talking to them.

7) You are working as a professional dancer. What to you is the ideal dance career or definition of professional success?

I feel like the ideal job might be different for everyone and also is determined in the different stages of your life. For me right now, I want to experience jumping from job to job dancing for recording artist in award shows, music videos, and cameos. But my favorite gig is working for movies. But in 5 yrs I would hope to maybe have a more stable job performing in a show that will run for 2 yrs or so. The definition of a professional dancer to me , is someone who is consistently working, accepting new work, still learning, and dedicating time to their craft.

8) Many creative people express themselves in various outlets. Do you have multiple creative outlets? How do you find dance and other creative outlets to be similar or different?

I often look at artwork and explore my movement through their images.

9) A lot of dancing involves partnership: in your opinion what makes for a great dance partner?

Dance partners need to not only know there own body and strengths, but that of there partner they are dancing with! You need to be aware of each other at all times.

10) Who are you inspirations as an artist (dance or non/dance)?

I really admire Stacey Tookey, she really opens her heart to her work, and still keeps a gentle soul at the same time. She is a gem to work with.

11) Please finish the following sentence. "When I dance I feel...."

When I dance I feel.... The warmth of the world

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Allison.  You were my very first "favorite" dancer on the show and I wish you lots of luck in your career!

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