Mighty List – Attend a taping of So You Think You Can Dance

Remember last week when I teased about going to the Bay to work on my Mighty List?  You thought I was going to eat, right?  Well I did but that's besides the point.  I went to the Paramount Theater in Oakland to sit in the audience for the Season 8 So You Think You Can Dance auditions. I KNOW!  Check!

I've actually received tickets to attend the LA tapings of the show several times but even though I live relatively close (1 hr flight) the tix are NOT guaranteed spots so it's hard to justify the last-minute(read full price) fare. Oakland however is a 1.5 hr drive.

Regulators!  Mount up!

I wish I had a bunch of cool pics to show you but there were no cameras allowed inside, so you'll have to settle for a series of me and Em imitating the dance posters out in front.

Although I lack pictures I have mucho information!  But first I just have to say IT WAS SO VERY COOL!  We got to see Cat Deeley (much shorter than you'd expect), Nigel Lythgoe, Toni Redpath and Tyce Diorio.  We saw about 15 dancers audition (took about 2 hours) and most of them were very, very good.

The most interesting thing was to see what the judging actually looks like.  On the show they use the most provocative things that people say.  This makes Nigel seem mean, Mary seem crazy and Tyce seem like an overexagerated lunatic.

In reality the judges are very kind: honest and direct with their critiques but kind.  Before they started Nigel stood up and explained that a dancers performing years are very short (they will dance until they are about 35 if they are lucky) and that it will be filled with auditions.  A professional dancer must audition for every job they get so the ability to receive honest feedback for improvement is crucial. He said his goal was that each person would go home with useful critiques.

I have to say that the judges really delivered, each person who danced got very extensive feedback on what they could improve and I learned a lot about the difference between a good dancer and a great dancer.  We saw many good dancers, people who could physically do things I couldn't even imagine, but I would say we only saw two great dancers.  One of them was a popper who made it through to choreography, the other one was a contemporary dancer who got a ticket to Vegas.

I would not have gone to do this if not for the Mighty List. I would've wanted to go but I would've talked myself out of it "You won't get in, the tix will be overbooked"  "It's too trafficky" "Why waste vacation time to wait in line all day?"  I have this neurotic need to avoid possible disappointment.  This tendency can be paralyzing.  The list serves as a counterpoint, for every excuse I think "But what if I could happen?  Then I could check it off my list!"  "My readers would be so excited!  I have to try!" Not everyone needs a list or a coterie of blog cheerleaders, but I do.

Thank you to each of you who read this blog.  You help me find my voice and live out my dreams.

Attend a taping of So You Think You Can Dance - Check!