Gone Food Fishin

I'm very "busy" eating my way through Seattle this weekend (for me today is still the weekend-whooo!) Did I say eating?  I mean I'm with a few friends celebrating their 30th birthdays.  This trip almost got derailed by the cold that never died but last week after an intervention by a supervisor I went to the doctors office.  When she asked what's up I said

You must heal me.  If I can't go on this trip I will die of sadness and dissapointment

My doctor handled this hysterical hyperbole with an admiral amount of sincere sympathy.   Then she prescribed me codeine laced cough syrup. 

She is my favorite person on the planet now. 

I will do my best to present you with pictures tomorrow and I solemenly promise that I've been trying my best to run into Dr. McDreamy.  I'm told that he is a fictional character but surely that is a lie?

It's my understanding that TV is real.  Please don't tell me that my plan to attend Greendale college next semester isn't going to work out.

Posted on October 10, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.