Five for Friday Pt. 30

1) Learn:  Inspired by Allyn's beautiful photos?  Want to be a better photographer? Check out this amazing 31 day Foto Tutorial here.  Foto School Sunday here I come. 2) Dance:  Love this beautiful contemporary piece about a couple who seem perfect on the outside but are at war on the inside.  Even better?  It features this weeks "The Creatives" guest Allison Holker.  Ck it out here.

3) Fun: Stuck in a pickle of a situation? Head over to the Bureau of Communications website where you can mad lib your way out of the akward.

4) Design: I love the Kartell ghost chairs.  I will get my little paws on one... eventually.

5) Wisdom:  I love this list of 31 things this blogger has learned in her 31 years.  I'm 31.  Let's just say the list resonates.