Five for Friday Pt. 29

I am in the city today "working" on a Mighty List project therefore I am already having a very happy Friday.  I wish you one too! 1) Design: Here comes more magazine madness! Love the color palette, so bright and fresh. The flower rug and yellow fireplace are kiling me! Adore  Home Magazine from Australia. Check it out here.

Image via Adore Home Magazine

2) Inspiration: My friend Tyler is posting the most beautiful and inspiring series on Doubt and Faith over on his blog.  This week he talked about the lost act of presenting your Lamentations to God. Check it out here.

3) Design Pt. 2:  I love this print.  I am such a paranoid worrier that I should have it tatooed on my wrist.

4) Music:  Could I love Sara Bareilles any more?  It would be hard. Favorite lyric=Ride off into your delusional sunset.

5) Dance:  Will I ever run out of such awesomeness? H to the no!

This is a trailer for a new danceshort dropping today. Happy Friday, yay!  Sharp-eyed blog readers and dance fanatics will recognize Hok Konishi from the Creatives front and center.

Posted on October 14, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.