Does it piss me off or make me proud?

My little one is so cute, right?  I know you all agree because you leave me comments to that effect all the time.  (BTW-I appreciate them!)  In addition to being cute he is also loud, stubborn and prone to never-ending temper tantrums.  I can't say I love this aspect of his current personality/development stage/violent self-expression.  It is very challenging for me because I am a control-freak. Also it's challenging because he is a terrible twos role model.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I should set him up to be some kind of keynote speaker for other two-year olds.  I can just seem him with a little PowerPoint presentation saying things like "The Importance of Pushing Boundaries".

He is so adept at being difficult that he has the ability to drive So-Patient-He-Should-Be-Canonized-Arnold to the edge.  I mean it's awesome to come home to a little one who ends up throwing a banana peel at you because you didn't take it to the garbage quickly enough.  Right?  Right? And who isn't happy to have someone throw a duplo car at their face because the pool pump broke and we can't go swimming today?

At his 2 year old physical our doctor sent us home with a flyer about toddlers it started like this "Some parents find this stage difficult."

I was like "Yeah, no shiz Sherlock"

So yeah, it's an old story.  Toddlers are difficult.  Parents don't like tantrums... except that sometimes I do.

Don't get me wrong, I don't ever enjoy dealing with the tantrums.  We endeavor endlessly to teach him how to express himself in polite, reasonable ways.  The sheer amount of energy this takes is alarming.  Every night Arnold and collapse like zombies after navigating the danger zone of 5-7 pm.

Secretly though, when he's in bed and I've recovered from the day I feel a sort of demented pride.  I don't like the throwing, the hitting or the endless screaming but I do like the idea that even at 2 he's trying to stand up for himself.  I hope that when he's an adult he won't be like me, always fighting against the urge to constantly please others.  I hope that when he is my age and someone treats him badly he'll politely remember why God gave him a middle finger and know when to leave bad situations.  I hope that he'll always know that his opinons and needs are just as valid as other peoples.

He pisses me off but he also makes me proud.

PS-Don't remind me about this post if you see me struggling to discipline him one day.  Cause then I'd be forced to follow my son's example and throw a banana at your face!

PPS-Back tomorrow with a new entry into The Creatives series.  Yay!

Posted on September 27, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.