There is nothing I can't do

I woke up yesterday pretty psyched about debuting the Creatives series.  I got out of bed all I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!  I can get my child dressed and out the door without a tantrum!  I can sing Wheels on the Bus on the way to school!  I am a compotent adult and I do all the things!

It started out really, really well.

We rocked Wednesday morning in every way.  My little Jay-Z and I rapped and beat-boxed our way to pre-school.  "Ma-ma es bue-na me lle-va a la es-cue-la!"  Bum-ba-bu-chika. Put ya hands in the air!  And when we got to school instead of screaming angrily he was like "Ciao Mama". 

Oh yeaaaaah, me and Ice Cube, we had to say it was a good day.

But for all actions there is an equal an opposite reaction.

Cause somehow after that it all started to fall apart.

1) I was late to my Dr.'s appt.  Really late.

2) And then of course there was an incident at Kaiser, cause really isn't there always?  And I might have cried a little.

3) And then I was like "No, no, no turn it around!" I have 15 minutes before I'm do at work, I'll check on my blog.  Today is Triumphant Wednesday!

4) And then I realized I had crashed it by tinkering around with coding and other stuff I don't understand.

5) And then I started freaking out and messing around with more stuff.

6) And then I called my friend Emily and said "I LOST THE BLOG! I LOST THE BLOG!"

7) And she was like "Whuh?" Aren't you supposed to be at work?

8) And I was like "Yeah, work.  Right. Focus. Work.  Am adult who works."

9) And then my car battery died.

10) And then I sat down on the curb and thought "Well it was nice while it lasted."

But for all disasters there is an equal an opposite recovery.

When I got to the office there were cookies on the "Free Food Table"

And I really do love cookies... so I ate three.

The end.

Posted on September 22, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.