The Creatives-Jaimie Goodwin

I'm so excited today that I can barely contain myself.  Our first guest for The Creatives series is Jaimie Goodwin.  Jaimie is a brilliant dancer who was on Season Three of So You Think You Can Dance.  She specializes in contemporary and danced in the The Emmy-winning "Hummingbird" Dance which my crew and I have re-watched many, many times.  Jaimie gave me an interview as lovely and gracious as her dancing and I'm so pleased to have her here sharing her thoughts. 

Jaimie Goodwin


1) You were on Season Three of So You Think You Can Dance.  What was your favorite part about being on the show? 

 My favorite part about being on the show was learning about the tv aspect of the industry. Being on film is completely different than theater work, and the show gave me the opportunity to learn all about that. And to be honest it was some of the most important/useful stuff I've learned so far. 

2) Being on National TV is intense! What impact did that experience have on you as a person?  As a dancer? 

The experience definitely matured me a lot, it puts you out there for national scrutinization and throws all this extra pressure on you which really opened my eyes and prepared me for things I've encountered since then... Not only in dance with auditions and marketing yourself. But it also showed me how I appear to others which has helped me to change things I didn't like and enhance things I do like about myself. It was interesting to see myself in a new light. 

3) You were in "The Hummingbird" which became a signature piece from the show.  My friends and I still re-watch it a lot!  While you were learning the routine did you feel that it would end up being so impactful or were you surprised? 

First of all thanks! I really loved that piece the most out of everything I was given. You know, I definitely had no idea how huge the response would be for that piece. I knew when I got jazz with Wade (coregrapher Wade Robson) that it would be a good number because Wade never lets you down, but when I was rehearsing that piece it never crossed my mind that it would be as big as it was for Hok (partner Hok Konitushi) and I! I was so grateful that it was though! 

4) What has been your favorite dance on the show (from any season)? 

My favorite dance on the show... Hhmmm one would definitely be Mia's (coregrapher Mia Michaels) addiction piece. And Travis' (coregrapher Travis Wall) piece about his mother, Fix You, is my ultimate favorite. 

Note from MLE:  Addiction is one of my favorite dances too.  So beautiful! Travis Wall is an amazing coregrapher.  

5) Have you ever seen a routine and thought?  "Wow, I really wish I got to dance that!  The choreography is awesome!" 

Yep! Basically every piece Travis choreographs I feel that way about. 

6) How much time did you really get to learn each routine?  Although the routines are short, the difficulty level is really high! 

Very true, even though they're short it still was a tight time frame to learn it in, we only had about 5 hours total to learn the routines! 

7) You are working as a professional dancer.  What to you is the ideal dance career or definition of professional success? 

Tough question because I love so many different aspects of dance at I just try and squeeze in every opportunity that comes my way. Since the show I've filmed movies, gone on a few tours with a theatrical show through Europe, performed on the Oscars, Dancing with the Stars, joined Tessandra Chavez's company UnityLA and have been touring with conventions and teaching nationally and internationally... Someday I'd like to join a full time contemporary company. But not until I'm a little older. Until then, I'm loving what I'm doing. 

8) Many creative people express themselves in various outlets.  (I think I read somewhere that you also enjoyed writing.)  How do you find dance and other creative outlets to be similar or different? 

I find that the most important part of having a creative outlet is that it becomes a way to express yourself. Like therapy, it keeps you emotionally healthy and you can find that in whatever your passion is. The difference to me is that it's interesting to feel the different ways each one helps you. For me, dance helps me to release a lot of emotion. It makes me feel free. Writing helps me to feel organized and clears my mind.... They seem to affect/exercise different parts of me. 

9)  A lot of dancing involves partnership: in your opinion what makes for a great partner? 

A great partner knows how to protect their partner. They know how to work with counterbalance (which is great to prevent being dropped haha) and they are really aware of their body and their partners body.... Travis and I were and still continue to be partners. He knows my body so well that he actually remembers where I hold my center of balance. I let him pick me up and toss me around in order to create new stuff and I'm never worried that I'm gonna get hurt. It's about being comfortable :) 

10) Who are your inspirations as an artist (dance or non/dance)? 

Travis definitely inspires me in dance and outside... My mom is my biggest inspiration of all time and my "second" mom Denise wall is a close second. 

10)  Please finish the following sentence.  "When I dance I feel...." 

Like I hold the whole world In the palm of my hand. 

Isn't she lovely everybody?  Thanks so much Jaimie for kicking off our series! 

Please check out Jaimie's beautiful dancing in the Emmy award-winning Hummingbird piece below! 


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