The Creatives

Intrepid blog readers who made it all the way through my Mighty List saw that No. 50 is "Interview 100 Creative People". For awhile I have thought about the blog and what I would like to do with it.  One of my goals is to promote beauty.  This is a bit tricky seeing as I am not particularly artistic.

I know, it's sads that I can't draw.

The good news is that many other people are amazing artists. Even better, I'm going to bring them to you one by one.  I'm going to call this series "The Creatives".  My first interview goes live tomorrow and I'm very, VERY excited about it.

Giddy even.  Bursting at the seams!  (Although that could be diet related) I've kept it under wraps for a while and it's been hard.

Okay, now to switch gears before I accidentally spill tomorrow's big surprise.  Another change that I'm going to do is to loosen up the blog "editorial schedule" a bit.  The Imaginary Vacation series is starting to require me to follow my friends around begging for pictures. Then they give me pictures and I say things like "Uh, this one is too blurry"

And then I feel guilty.  It's like asking someone for food and then criticizing their cooking skills.

Not that I'd do that.  I have manners.

So from now on like the Creatives, Imaginary Vacations will be a "pop-up" feature of the blog.  Appearing when an Imaginary Vacation comes my way.  So if you have one, send one!

Okay, now I've got to go because if I don't I might accidentally tell you that tomorrow I'm posting an interview with J...

Posted on September 20, 2010 and filed under The Creatives.