State of the Blog Address

Awhile back a friend of mine suggested that I might consider using spellcheck on my blog.  She said this sort-of tactfully but I was still taken aback because I DO! I do use spellcheck on my blog!  So I went back and started reading posts to prove the spellcheck correctness of them.  That's when I discovered that my posts are absolutely infested with spelling errors.


Then it all turned a bit Scooby Doo.  I had run spell check.  Why oh why were my kind, lovely, loyal blog readers subjected to this treachery?  Was it Old Man Whethers from the amusement park?

Uh, no it was my unforgivably slow DSL line that would time out before the spell-check saved.


I unknowingly had been publishing third grader posts for oh, I don't know 4 YEARS!

I'm sorry, really I am guys.

Bahd sppellingg is laim.

So now I'm gonna clean things up.  I am aggressively using every editing tool that WordPress offers. That's how I now know my posts are rife without hidden verbs, clichés and the passive voice.

I can't blame my grammar on Scooby Doo so it's time to imagine a brighter future.

In this fictional future my blog will be a pantheon to correct grammar.  It will be full of pictures that have not been blown out by too much light or ham-handed overuse of the "saturate" button in Picasa. It will be marvelous! It will change your life!  You will feel more confident after reading this blog.  Your clothes will fit better and you will no longer be afraid of public speaking.

(Please pause for trumpets and inspirational swelling of music)

I love writing this blog like peanut butter loves chocolate and I want it to be the sunshine in your day. You give me five minutes or so and I want it to be worth your while  so I'm trying my very bestest to learn and grow.  Last week I started a blogging class to try to shake things up.  I really hope that you will be able to see the differences over time.

Can you do me a favor though?

Will you be my cheerleaders?  La Notorious MLE is a bit needy and overcome with hidden verbs.  Can you tell me what it is that you like about the blog? There are far more readers than I have friends so I wonder who you are and how you find your way here?  Are you robots or hippos out there reading? Or is it just my Mom checking out pictures of her grandchild and hitting refresh a couple zillion times a day?

And finally, if you do like my blog and the five minutes you spend visiting brightens your day would you mind recommending it to others you know?

Thenks Youa!

Posted on September 7, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.