A non-comprehensive list of things that have made me sprout tears over the past few months.   1. Too much sugar at work.  So jittery.  Must cry.

2. Stubbed my toe at IKEA.  Three times in a row.

3. Elian starting preschool.

4. Missing Elian.

5. Being very tired of Elian.

6. Reruns of Friends.

7. Hearing of Justy's engagement.

8. The Bay Bridge fiasco.

9. Contestant montages on TIVO'd episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. "My Mom is everything to me." Boo-hoo hoo.

10. The Peach Tart Tatin I ate at my baking class.

Elian cries all the time too.  Is it possible I'm becoming a toddler?

Am I the only one who cries for frustration, sugar, joy and TV?

Posted on September 29, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.