Me and Miley. We can't be tamed.

Okay I'm 31 now.  I'm 1 year older and maybe about 5 years more delusional. Too much peanut butter can do that to you....

Be practical about your budget, your fruit and vegetable consumption, retirement and trying not to yell at your kids.

Be delusional about dreaming big, faith, hope, love and world peace.

Oh wait, was I blogging?  I thought I was giving myself advice to start the day off right.

Let's get back on track.

Today I'm excited to tell you that I have some BIG/COOL things planned for the blog.  Most of them are still incubating but one of them I'm revealing today!  So I present to you my Mighty List!

I know, more lists?  Why MLE?  Whyyy?

Because I love you, and I love lists and while I loved my Forty by Forty List I just couldn't stop at Forty.   With every year I want to braver and dream bigger.  And I'm a Mom now and I want my little boy to know that it's okay to dream big.  That responsibility and creativity are not mutually exclusive.  I want him to know that the world is full of wonderful impossibilities.

So here's the thing:  The Mighty List is endless and infinite.  I just put all my dreams there as the first step to making them come true.  And then like a kid in a kick-ass candy store I can shop there for forty things to complete before I turn 40.  Brilliant, non! ( I like to congratulate myself.  Try it you'll like it!)

So hop on over and check it out and while you are there, tell me what your dreams are!

Posted on September 14, 2010 and filed under Mighty List.