The Big Eat Day 1 – Lobster Tuesday

One of the things on my Forty by Forty list is eating 100 things off the Big Eat San Francisco list.  Last week when I went for a work conference in SF I got started on this epic food adventure.  Here we go...    Emily in SF


#1 Lobster Pot Pie at Michael Mina:  Sometimes you just have to start big.  Other time you want to go somewhere within walking distance of your hotel.  That's how my friend Justy and I ended up at Michael Mina's inside the Westin St. Francis.  the Westin St. Francis is very expensive and fancy.  Me and Justy... not so much.   

Michael Mina


Thankfully you can get the pot pie in the "Lounge" area.  It's still pricey but I have to say that Michael Mina's is worth it.  The service is fan-freaking-tastic. Even though we were not fancy enough we were treated like royalty.  The maitre'd had that kind of good-natured flirtiness that makes senior citizens feel like teenagers.  And then our waitress.. oh our waitress. She HAD to be a model.  She was ridiculously tall and beautiful and very nice.  It was unnerving.  Pretty girls should be snobby and cruel like in the movies.  When we ordered Lobster corn dogs to be accompanied by Lobster pot pie she was like "Perfect. Lobster Tuesday!"  I was like "Justina.  I can't take this.  I feel compelled to flirt with her."   

This is the power of Michael Mina's.   

Everything there is rich and ureal.  The food, the ambiance, the service.  Even the pens were unbelievably smooth.  The lobster pot pie was good but I think the service is what put Michael Mina's on the list.  The complimentary mini-desserts we got at the end didn't hurt either.   

Verdict:  Save up and go for a special occasion.  Enjoy Lobster Tuesday.   

#2 Secret Breakfast Ice Cream at Humphrey Slocombe:  This my friends changed by life.  Secret Breakfast is Bourbon ice cream with corn flakes and it is phenomenal.  We tasted half of their flavors.  All of them were sublime.  This ice cream is WHY I wanted to do the list, to break out of routines and try new things.  To brave new civilizations.  To boldly go where no Maghanoy has gone before.  Amen.   

Verdict:  Stop reading this.  Go there now.  Empty your bank account to buy ice cream.   

Humphrey Slcombe Door



#3 Chips and Salsa at Papalote:  At this point I was flagging a bit.  We had  A LOT of ice cream samples.  Luckily I had a cheerleader and when I started whining Justy kicked me back in line.  Papalote is in the Mission.  It's very cozy and cute which is nice in frigid SF.  The chips were not good.  The salsa was very smooth.  I liked the texture but felt like it was going to burn my face off.  I'm not really into hot salsa so... I'll just say that Justy had a taco and it was awesome.  The meat was cooked perfectly.   

Verdict:  Go and eat tacos on a cold night.  Have salsa if you like to burn your face off.   

Chips and Salsa at Papalote

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