Imaginary Vacation -Prague

Today's Imaginary Vacation is a little different from usual because it was contributed by my friend Debi who is still on her very REAL  European vacation!  Debi is a good friend of mine from FOREVER and she's a teacher.  And what should all who have large swaths of vacation do?  Take real vacations! Well done Debs.  Well done.

According to Debs Prague is one of the best preserved (read least bombed out and restored) cities in Europe.  She also says that it is exceedingly beautiful and that beer is cheaper than water there.

Sounds good to me!  Let's go!!!!!!!!

Debi in Prague


View from the Glokenspiel Prague

Ashley eats Gelato

St. Charles Bridge

St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague looks great Debs. I'll admit you had me at "beer is cheaper than water".  We can't wait to see more when you get back home!

Posted on August 4, 2010 and filed under Imaginary Vacations.