Five for Friday Pt. 19

1) Blog Love:  Garance Dore is a French fashion illustrator and photographer. She blogs about her daily life in the fashion world and is silly, sweet and funny.  This week she's been talking about how she became a fashion illustrator.  I love stories about people's career paths and hers has been extra fun.  Check her out here.

Garance Dore

2) Stuff:  Love these cards.  Arnold and I have the humor of teenagers and we love to say this to each other.

spiffy Press

3) Music:  I love this song so.  Remember when Hip-hop was fun? I can't get over the lyrics.  I think my favorite line is "I use a word that don't mean nothing like 'lupid'"

4) Dance:  So You Think You Can Dance has been a little weird this year.  I think it's hard because my expectations are a bit unrealistic.  I want every single dance to blow me away.  Last week Billy and Ade's contemporary reached that bar.  It is ridiculously beautiful.  Billy's face as he's hanging in Ade's arms towards the end devastates me every time.  Watch it full screen.

5) Design: Lazy summer days.  Love this collection of photos and especially the bathroom.  If you need me I"ll just be sitting in my claw-foot tub looking out my cathedral window...

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