I think I've mentioned before that Elian loooooooooves to ask for water.  It's "Agua, agua, agua" all day long.  He especially loves to ask for it when there's none available.  He has a sixth sense about these things.  It's kind of like when your about to board a plane and the knowledge that you won't get to use the bathroom for a few hours makes you hysterical.  That's him and "agua". Agua=life

The kid is driving us batty asking for agua.  We say "Yes, we'll get some soon", and "yes I understand you want agua"  We say it over and over in long, tedious, agua-only-conversation jags.  We plug our ears as he screams "Aguuuuuuuuuua" at us hysterically in the car.  We curse the NPR DJ who deigned to play a Spanish song whose only lyric was "Take me to the water" during one of the worst "Aguuuuuaaaa" break-downs ever.  We suffer the indignity of people glaring at us all the time "What kind of parents won't even give their kid water?" I stifle the urge the shake them and scream "He doesn't really want water.  He just drank the ocean five minutes ago."

It's us against the agua people.

Agua is our sunrise, sunset and dreams.

Last night when Arnold and I crashed into bed I wasn't really surprised to hear him say "I have a story about agua." 

I took Elian for a walk and I packed a cup of water but I saved it for after the playground because I knew that's when he would be most thirsty.  We walked to the park and he asked for agua the whole way.  Then we had a drink at the drinking fountain and played. Then we started the walk back and he was like "Agua, agua, agua, agua" and I'm like "Yeah, here comes agua!"   The second I gave him agua, he gave it back to me and said ... jugo?

Jugo means juice.

Sometimes I really miss agua.

Posted on August 23, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.