ID Badges

The scene:  The disgusting Toys R' Us parking lot by Arden aka The 5th dimension of hades. Our protagonist:  A weary Wilipina office worker

The heroine faces the hulking building with resignation.  "I must enter for my child" she thinks resignedly fingering her 25% discount coupon.  She absent-mindedly picks at the pills on her schlubby sweater vest to distract herself from the unavoidable task.  Annoyed and resigned to her fate she untangles the chain on her work ID badge as she steels herself for the badly lit plastic assault and grumpily stomps towards the store.

But the spell is broken by two young men with very low standards.

"Hey baby, you got an ID badge?  You must have a good job.  Girl I bet you could even take me out to lu-nch."

She stares at them laughing in disbelief "Really?  In the Toys R Us parking lot?"

Perhaps that's where they train themselves  for the Olympics.

Posted on July 20, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.