Five for Friday Pt. 18

1) Stuff:  This is so wonderful.  A scratch off world map!    Scratch off Map


 2) Blog Love: I was in SF this week, working on Forty X Forty list presenting at a conference.  I did some preliminary research on  Jonas Approved, a fun local foodie blog.  My favorite part is the little stamp he puts on stuff. Need one of those.  Anyone want to design me one?  Pro bono work of course,  I spent my per diem eating.   

3) Funny: Hilarious and practical as always Maggie from Mighty Girl gives us her etiquette rules.  How I wish people would RSVP in a timely fashion.  Ck it out here.   

4) Design: Mental note.  Must make hallway more over the top and sparkly.   

Fancy Hallway


5) Just awesome:  I heard these people talk about their vision for Solar Roadways at Sacramento's TEDx conference a few months ago.  Inspiring.  Talk about dreaming big! Ck out their vision here.

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