Five for Friday Pt. 17

1) Books:  I just finished "Like Water for Elephants".  It was good.  It's heroine is an elephant named Rosie.  It's currently being made into a movie with R. Pattz.  All good things.  Get it from the library.  You'll like it, I promise.

Water for Elephants

2) Design: I'm thinking this would be awesome when two decades from now we replace our garage door with french doors.

3) Food:  Last Tuesday was declared "Hot Dog Day" by my Mom.  With the aid of Lisa and Em it became an impromptu hot dog dance party.  Dancing provided by Elian.  I am salivating over the Mexican style hot dog and the Tropical Style Hot Dogs.  Should I be having a try 50 different types of hot dog item on my 40 X 40 list? I do love them so.

LA style hot dog

4) Funny:  Old Spice Man and I are in a committed YouTube relationship.


5) Local Love:  Last week we went to dinner with Dan and Lisa at Ella's Dining Room.  It was like eating inside an Anthropologie.  Silver piled everywhere and everything so pretty.  The food was really good too.  Arnold had a gnocchi that I've been meditating about. :)  Perfect place for a special occasion dinner.

Ella Dining and Bar

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