The Paris Hilton of Wordpress

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me.  I was featured on the WordPress homepage which brought in a huge amount of traffic.  HUGE!  I always tell myself that hits don't matter, that writing and blogging is something that you because you love it...all of which is true but I just got to say it... I GOT OVER 1000 hits yesterday.  On Wednesday I was INTERNET FAMOUS! And I didn't even have to make that sex tape I was planning.

Just kidding Mom!

So if you are new here since coming in yesterday I'd like to thank you for stopping by and give you a tour of my blog!

My name is Emily.  I call myself Notorious MLE because I was in high school when the Notorious B.I.G. was at the height of his popularity.  What's that you say?  I don't get the MLE part.  Sound it out...

It's okay I can wait...

Got it?  It's okay, try one more time and say it fast.... there you go!

I know, the cleverness of my high school friends is astounding.

Okay so that's my name and blogging's my game.  I blog about my family and especially my son who we recently adopted.  I blog about food, and imaginary vacations and the pickles I get myself into.  Sometimes I just post funny stuff my Dad's says verbatim.  Like how he really needs to get off the phone with me because he has to attend to a very busy" peanut eating schedule".

He is an endless source of blog posts.

Also you should know that I am a neat freak so I have an "editorial calendar" for my blog.

Monday - I blog about my weekend.  A lot of times this is just pictures of my little boy and food.  This sounds boring but I promise you, my son's cuteness is legend.  Please give in.  Resistance is futile.

Tuesday -I muse about my deep thoughts and contemplate life... or about shenanigans... like when my bread maker attacked me... or how lunatic the dating world is for my single friends... or... okay on Tuesday I blog about whatever the frak I feel like blogging about  on that day.

Wednesday - Okay, here's where the "editorial" system definitely falls apart.  On Wednesday I usually blog quite randomly.  I talk about the stuff I want to do before I turn forty:  meaningful endeavors like eating my way through San Francisco.  Or sometimes I publish awesome quotes, most of which come from Mr. Rogers.  Dead serious about that last one.

Thursday - We take imaginary vacations like yesterday's trip to Peru.  I know yesterday wasn't Thursday.  I mean I know that now but I guess I didn't when I scheduled that post. Kismet, no?  These posts were inspired by J. Hill's "Places I've never been" poster series and the fact that my toddler seems to have eaten our vacation fund.

Friday - Is the start to the weekend so we have some freaking fun!  Every Friday I post five things I like in pop culture.  Movies, songs, blogs, whatever.  It's my small way to give props to all the amazing things you can find on the internet.  It's not just dancing cats people!

Sunday - A day of rest.  No words, just one picture. I'm working on becoming a better photographer.

Blogging has helped me find my voice and given me a space to share the amazing process of falling in love with my son.  I love blogging and feel grateful and privileged that you would take the time to visit me here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come again!

XOXO-Notorious MLE

Posted on June 16, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.