Five for Friday Pt. 13

1) Dance: I had forgotten what an awesome popper Usher is until I saw him on So You Think You Can Dance.  A true performer knows how to command attention and I think he was the first performer since Shakira to really shake up the stage.  Suprisingly I also loved this Justin Bieber(I know, I know) video.  It features Quest Crew and Beat Freaks and I had to admit the song is really fun.  I blame Usher.  Everything he touches turns to Solid Gold. [youtube=]

2) Design:  I want to copy, I mean "be inspired" by this pic for our kitchen.  I especially love the sink with the drainage grooves for nasty sponges and the butcher block countertop.

3) Movies: Chronicles of Narnia are some of my favorite books.  I cannot wait to read them to Elian when he is older and then watch the movies too!


4) Blog Love:  Maggie Mason's blog "Mighty Girl" is a constant source of inspiration.  My blog wants to be like hers when it grows up.  One of her best features is the "Mighty Life List", a list of things she wants to do during her lifetime. I especially liked her post this week of 20 pieces of advice that she would tell her 20 year old self.  Check it out here.

5) Twitter:  I'm not on twitter but I do follow people via google reader.  Can I perhaps suggest following these awesomely funny people:  @joelmchale, @mindykaling, @maggiemason, @actuallynph?  They keep me laughing all week long.

Posted on June 24, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.