Five for Friday Pt. 12

1) Dance:  So you Think you Can Dance is starting up again tonight at our house!  For the past five years every summer we've had our friends over to enjoy a potluck salad bar before settling in to watch the show.  It's very serious business at Casa Perez and there is a lot of screaming and impassioned speeches about who is the best.  This year they are declaring July 31st Dance Day.  Tabitha and Napoleon put together a short coregraphy for those who would like to participate.  You better believe our crew will be making this happen.  Add your own swagga. [youtube=!]

2) Design:  Chalkboard wall on a curve plus those fun stripes.  Yay!

3) Music:  I love Eminem's new single "Not Afraid"  I kind of didn't get him before but the day I first heard this song I was feeling terrible and I was really feeling the lyrics. I can't imagine having to overcome a drug addiction but I think anyone can understand fighting your way through a hard time.


4) Interweb Love:  This website brings famous Mommy bloggers together to discuss and debate different questions such as religion, health and parenting techniques.  I really love it and have to confess that I used to watch it even before we were planning to be parents.  Since I am really not a kid person I can't really explain why I was sitting around watching Momversation videos but there you go!  What can I say? I love bloggers.

Did You Take Your Husband's Name?

5) TV: The Good Guys.  I love summer TV and I think I'm gonna love this new show starring Colin Hanks. Big ears. So cute.  Totally my type.  I like 'em geeky.  I'm also partial to the Hanks family.  I used to clean hotel rooms at a conference center.  Apparently Tom Hanks did too.  We put a picture of him on the wall and used to joke "Don't worry, cleaning these toilets is the obvious precursor to our Oscar days"

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