Imaginary Vacations

In my life I've been very fortunate to get to travel a lot but right now is a season of my life that is dedicated to adventures of a different kind.  Lately for instance I've been discovering the joys of holding a little guy on my hip and singing Raffi songs while toothbrushing in the morning!  This is fun but travel is good too so I've decided to start taking some imaginary trips with my friends. C'mon let's go have an adventure! Our first trip is to visit my friend Jessen in Hunan Province, China.  Jess moved there last year and is a kick-ass teacher to some lucky-duck Middle School Students.  She's been nice enough to kick off this new series.  Descriptions are from Jess. My commentary is in italics.

Hunan looks amazing Jess.  I'm so proud of you for just going for it and moving to China!  Thanks for inviting us to see a little bit of your daily life!

Posted on May 19, 2010 and filed under Imaginary Vacations.