Storytelling Pt. 2

Does anybody else watch Ugly Betty?  I’m so sad that it’s ending this year; especially since this season KICKED ASS.  Before I get to the point shall I detail exactly why I love Betty?

  1. Uh, DUH , the original series was from COLOMBIA.  Holla!
  2. The design.  It is one of the best-designed shows on TV. Total eye candy for a design nerd like me.
  3. Real Diversity – Usually ethnic characters on TV are stereotypes.  The smart Asian, the sassy black girl, the sexy Latina.  Ugh, no wonder people get confused when they meet me.  They are trying to understand if I am a "math wiz asian" or a "dorky white girl" or if they didn't hear me right and perhaps I'm really Mexican.  On Ugly Betty, much like one of my other favorite shows LOST characters get to be more than stereotypes which rocks on so many levels.

Okay, I could get carried away so I had to limit myself to three but if you don’t watch Betty, Netflix it, it’s such a fun, cool show.

Alrighty back to the point, a few weeks ago on Betty she ended up dating this guy who she later found out was hiding her. After she finds out she tearfully tells her older sister Hilda “I knew it was too good to be true.  That someone like him would be with someone like me” and her sister says “Betty you have this story about who you are and how things are going to be.  I think you’ll be happier when you let go of those ideas.”

I loved that line and I’ve been thinking about it lately.  The story of who you think you are.  The dork.  The Straight-A kid. The F&^%-up.  The winner.  The loser.  The Park Avenue princess.   The class clown.  The destined for poverty and dysfunction. The stories we have for ourselves and that other create for us go on and on.

I’ve always thought of myself as kind of a happy above average.  Pretty good at most things.  Pretty good as a person but the more I think about it the more I want to let myself (and other people for that matter) be more than that.  Not to get all Breakfast Clubby but I think we should all give ourselves the freedom to widen our story.  To know that sometimes we’ll be the superstar and sometimes we’ll be the Fu*#-up.   Sometimes we’ll be average and sometimes we’ll be at the head of the class.  My normal story for myself doesn’t allow me to be a writer or start my own business.  Above average me works in a cubicle as a civil servant.  My normal story doesn’t include my epic fails as a parent. Above average me must be above average at everything I do including first time parenting.

It’s restricting right?

Thanks for the advice Hilda Suarez I needed it.

Posted on April 5, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.