Representing my Roots

When I tell people I'm half Filipino I usually get one of three reactions: 1) Seriously, are you sure you're not Mexican?

2) I totally knew you were Filipno, you totally look like one! (LIARS, if you thought I was Filipino you would've guessed that, not Mexican)

and the most popular

3) Oh, I looooooooove Lumpia!!!!

This is all in good spirit and all but it's kind of a duh.  Of course you love Lumpia.  What's not to love about Lumpia? The problem begins when they want you to be bringing Lumpia over to their house and whatnot. While Lumpia is not hard to make it does require deep frying and I'm just too lazy for that.  I mean if I'm going to go to all the trouble of deep-frying I'm not going to share that goodness with others.  I'm going to shovel that straight into my Wilipina stomach.

All of this is to say I felt like the best way to deflect the Lumpia requests might be to learn how to make some easy yet delicious Filipino dish.  Enter my Auntie Eleanor's Bibingka.

Bibingka is a coconut/rice based desert and Auntie Eleanor's is the bomb.  Actually she's an awesome cook so everything she makes is the bomb.  Her house is like a shrine to delicious food.  I feel like fainting when I walk through the door the smell is so intoxicating.  Best of all she is your typical Filipina Auntie.  There's no "hello" at her house, she greets you with "eat, eat, eat!" and then throws you at the buffet.  She is the good-kind of Filipina lady that will actually bring lumpia to your potluck and because she's a better person/cook than me she'll bring some Bibingka too.  Here's her recipe.  I beg you to find other people to share this with you will be sick if you eat it all.

Now you are ready my friends.  Go forth and make Bibingka.  Then invite me over!!!!!

Note:  The first time I tried to make this it was an epic fail.  EPIC.  So I warn you.  Do not cook this in a toaster oven.  It won't work and digging rock-hard rice and caramelized coconut out of your pan will not be fun.

Posted on April 6, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Maghanoy Madness.