Racial Profiling

You've all at least heard of Facebook, right?  I say that because I know some people are vehemently anti-facebook which I totally get.   I was like that for a long time.  Then I gave in to keep in contact with a friend who moved to Chile and I got hooked when I realized that you find all sorts of old friends through Facebook.   Somehow it magically suggests people you know and then all of the sudden your like "What? I know someone in Italy!"  And then you start mentally planning your vacation to Italy to visit your old friend.  It's going to be a great if  imaginary vacation! Other things Facebook knows about you are your likes and dislikes.  As you sign up for ever-more ridiculous groups like "Saying 'like' all the time is just part of my Californian accent" Facebook starts getting hip to your interests which is how I ended up clicking on a link that said "Funny Filipino T-Shirts".  Well it turns out that Facebook really does understand me because check out what it led me too...

I like to think that if my Dad was on Facebook he'd end up clicking on a link that would lead him to the following T-shirt.

Posted on April 20, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Nothing to Do with Anything.