Lessons Learned

Colombians are really into bread.  Like  A LOT of bread.  There are bakeries on every corner so it's easy to buy fresh, delicious bread everyday.  For Carmen the situation was even sweeter, my brother-in-law Richard used to run a bakery out of the first floor of their house.  All of this is to say that there is  "bread monster" situation going on in the house.   And since I like to buy the good quality organic, high fiber crap it really adds up fast.  Yeah... I know I have expensive tastes.  They'd be happy with the 99 cent white stuff but I'm all about the health and fiber.  I'll be damned if I'm not going to be fighting chronic disease in my casa!

Whoa, the public health professional in me escaped!  Back to the bread story...

Although I don't have budget for several fancy organic bread loafs a week I do have a Goodwill so I got a brand-new-in-the-box bread maker for $20 and set to work learning how to make bread.  The first loaf was an epic fail.  It turns out you shouldn't randomly measure the ingredients while talking to your husband.  It seems the whole "measure carefully" issue really is important in baking.  So the second time I was meticulous with my measuring and it turned out great!  Fresh bread!

Watch out world here we come with colons clean as a whistle!

Posted on March 31, 2010 and filed under Nothing to Do with Anything.