Five for Friday Pt. 4

1) Food:  Does anybody else eat at Chipotle?  I usually try to eat at local businesses instead of chains to support small local business but I love Chipotle.  It's healthy, they do a great job sourcing organic and hormone free products and it is within walking distance of my office.  In Colombia there is an obvious knock-off chain it's called... wait for it... Sipote.  So McDonald's/McDougal's like in "Coming to America".  I also love this website where you can calculate the nutritional value of your meal.  Ck it out here. 2) Music:  Green Day has been big since I was in Juinor High.  Dookie was the first tape (TAPE!) my little brother bought.  If you had told me they would be having a creative renaissance all these years later I would not believe you in a million years.  I love "When September ends" and "21 Guns".  Did you know that their music was made into a musical?  "American Idiot" opened on Broadway recently and has been getting rave reviews.  Would love to see it... hopefully it will still be there when we go for our 10th anniversary in two years!  Ck out a clip of Green Day performing at the Grammy's with the cast below!


3. Blog Love:  One of my favorite Design blogs is Anna's Dorfman's Door Sixteen.  She designs bookcovers and is an amazing DIY queen.  She gives awesome tutorials but even better I learned so much about how the mind of a designer works.  She taught me to look for shapes and contrasts and to pare down visual clutter.  Ck out her awesomely detailed description of her bathroom remodel here.

4. Random:  Cafepress is a total time-sink.  So many t-shirts to consider....

5. Funny:  It's hard for my to understand why this particular SNL is funny but Arnold and I love it.  All we have to do is sing each other the theme song and we start cracking up. Ohhhhhhh weeeeeee! WHAT UP WITH THAT?

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.935590&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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