Five for Friday Pt. 2

Five for Friday is not the place to make deep or important points.  Keep this in mind. 1. I love throw pillows.  I have them everywhere and my addiction is getting a little out of hand.  Arnold has requested that I stop adding to the collection but I can't.  I gave up peanut butter(sort-of), I need my pillows.  Elian thinks that throw pillows are for throwing... we have a difference of opinion on that one.

2. I am a design blog geek.  I read approximately one zillion design blogs and save pics I love all the time.  I tell myself that this is not an indulgence, it's just common sense.  A practical tool for when I live in my own gigantic European Parisian style flat.  No need to hire a decorator.  Just whip out my inspiration pics!  BLAMMO!

3. Have you noticed that Ugly Betty has a B necklace and Carrie Bradshaw has a Carrie necklace?  That's because they both have the same costume designer, the very awesome and weird Patricia Fields.  I feel like maybe I need to Patricia Fieldsify myself and get and "E" necklace.   All cool girls have them!  Any suggestions?  Etsy or otherwise?

4. I have been on a "No Cookie Left Behind" Campaign since returning from Colombia.  Last weekend I decided that getting fat is counterproductive to my stress level.  So I'm trying to have a self-intervention.  Please feel free to send me your healthiest vegetable laden recipes.

5.  My newest favorite blog is Smitten Kitchen.  I don't know whether to suggest you guys go there or not because it might ruin you too!  Everything is terribly delicious looking and based on my experience with the Breakfast pizza I'd say they all taste damn good too!

Posted on April 8, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.