Five for Friday Pt. 1

I noticed that most bloggers have some kind of loose "editorial schedule" that they adhere to so I'm trying to make myself a more scheduled blogging routine. Sometimes I have a lot of random stuff to yak about that aren't necessarily whole posts so I think I'm going to round them all up and call it Five for Friday. We'll see if this is cool or if it sucks... 1. TV: How good was LOST last week? I love you Nestor Carbonell aka Senor Guyliner Richard Alpert. You are my constant. Also? Props to ABC for airing a show in prime-time that was at least 50% in Spanish! I think I'll cry when LOST is over.

2. Why can't I get enough Lady Gaga? Her lyrics are suspect and I don't understand why she doesn't wear pants but I love her anyways. She's one of a kind and I like that. Plus she can sing and she opened for the New Kids on the Block. There's just so much to love that I can overlook the lack of pants. "Wish I could shut my playboy mouth, oh, oh oh, oh!"

3. I love traveling for work and staying in fancy hotels. Now however I am spoiled above my means. Last time Arnold and I stayed at a hotel I was all bent out of shape because they didn't have duvets. Brat Attack.

4. I am a blog addict. One of my favorites is Pancakes and French Fries which is listed under my links. I love how Jules writes and she proves that it's possible to live in the Inland Empire and be cool. Props Jules!

5. Pinkberry is opening this month in Sacramento. RIGHT BY MY WORK! I sense this could be a problem. My co-workers and I scheduled a meeting recently to plan our Pinkberry strategy. We've convinced ourselves that walking there will make it a zero-calorie outing. Yeah, right!

Today is Good Friday. Give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever!

Peace out!

Posted on April 1, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends, Five for Friday.