Getting Committed

You all read Eat. Love. Pray.  Right?  Of course you did.  Oprah commanded you and it was so. I read it because I saw it reviewed in Newsweek when it first came out.  I have witnesses to this fact because I insisted on reading it out loud to Debi and Em during a road trip to Santa Barbara.  This is not relevant information of course.  Just an opportunity for me to pretend that I am not under Oprah's sway.  But let's get real... I am.  She is the one ring to rule us all.

Back to the point though.  Like everybody else in the world I loved Eat. Love.Pray and so I've been reading more of la Liz Gilbert.  I read Stern Men while I was in Colombia and I've been reading her new book Committed: A skeptic makes peace with marriage over the past few weeks.  I really liked this book, it's the story of marriage and some of the ways it's changed over time and in different cultures.  A few years after Eat. Love. Pray ends Liz and Felipe end up being forced to get married by US Immigration despite having promised each other to never marry.  Like any smart girl Liz goes bananas researching marriage to try to convince herself her second marriage won't fail.  The book is kind of 1/2 biography and 1/2 sociology textbook.   As a Soc major who was also forced to get married on US immigration's timelines this book seems written expressly for my demographic but there is also a less obvious reason that it appeals to me:  I like to seem marriage-smart.

Among my social group I was one of the first to get married: for someone of my age I've already been married like a million years.  I may be only 30 but among my peers I am a veteran married person.  My friends (despite my protests) insist on calling me La Senora.  Like you know "Is La Senora coming to the movies?"  You know your old lady wife? While most other people I know are still single or mooning about as newlyweds, Arnold and I are diligently saving up to go on a trip for our TENTH wedding anniversary.

All of this to say is that I have an important position to uphold in my social circle as the "married person".  So I can't be flaking around, I have to read books by Liz Gilbert and pretend to be knowledgeable.  I'm also obligated to read them at Starbucks while eating a rice krispy treat and sampling a dark cherry frappuccino.  I highly recommend you all do the same.

Posted on March 15, 2010 and filed under Bossy Pants Recommends.