Forty by Forty

I love, love, love lists.  I can remember making them from the time I could write.  I also have this weird and vivid memory of making a daily schedule for myself when I was about nine years old.  I scheduled my whole day in 15 minute increments.  It included such things as "brushing hair" and "walk to the end of the street and watch the cows".  I was really pleased with myself and showed it to my Mom.  She dutifully reviewed this lunatic preview of neurotic tendencies to come.  Then she gave it a gold star and wrote "Don't forget to have fun!" She wrote on my list!  Stars are fine, but writing... uh that wasn't on the schedule Mom!

Anyways, all of this is to say that I've always found lists, schedules and spreadsheets soothing.  A sort of comfort in a chaotic world.  Plus like Monica Gellar would say "It's just plain fun!"

So I've made a new list. THE list.  You can find it by tabbing to the top.  It's called Forty by Forty.  A list of things I'd like to do before I turn forty.  I've got to tell you that the decade between 20 and 30 was an amazing ride.  I hope to make this decade equally wonderful.

I can't tell you how happy this list makes me: but then again maybe I don't have to, my little story about my 9 year old schedule pretty much says it all, right?

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