Sweet Home Sacramento

The day we arrived home from Colombia our wonderful friends set up a triage to get ready for us.   A week before we got back they let me know they were preparing for our arrival with an e-mail entitled "Operation Elian".  They picked us up from the airport with two cars, opened up the house, and filled the fridge so that our return would be as stress free as possible.  Did I mention they also cooked us a huge pot of soup and a tray full of cinnamon rolls as well?  And left pretty much right away so that we could settle in? You see now why I was so desperately homesick towards the end?  My friends are the best.

Our homecoming was wonderful but let's just say that the first day you come home after a redp-eye flight and a jet-lagged baby is unpleasant.  The next day though is great!  A wonderful lazy Sunday.  Here's a glimpse of Elian and Carmen's first day in the US!

We went sampling, uh I mean grocery shopping at Trader Joes!

Elian digs the music at Rubios.  I dig that they have high chairs.

Posted on February 1, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.