St. John the Divine

I once read an article that said "There are two types of girls in the world, those that read Madeline L'engle and those that didn't" I loved that because  Is am the type of girl who read Madeline L'engle and the supposition is that those who do are creative, headstrong, brainy types.  And I love the supposition that I might dare to be considered all of the above.

Madeline L'engle is best known for her children's book about time travel "A Wrinkle in Time" but she wrote A LOT and my favorite book of hers is called "Walking on Water"The book is a meditation on creativity and the Christian life; the vocation of twriting/art. The call to create.  I love that book dearly and read it once a year or so.  In addition to writing 50 or so books during her life she was also a devoted Episcopalian and served as the writer-in-residence at St. John the Divine  Cathedral in New York. St. John the Divine is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and it figures prominently in some of her novels so whenever I get a chance to go to New York I feel compelled, obligated even to visit and watch my childhood stories come to life.

When Arnold and I visited New York last fall on our "last hurrah" before the hurricane we ended up staying directly across the street from the Cathedral.  Everyday as we left Liz's apartment the Cathedral was our great hulking friend bidding us good morning at at night it's flying buttresses watched us head safely back home.  Here are the pictures from that trip and the beautiful building that holds not only a house of worship but my childhood dreams.

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