The Gift

Thank you for all of your encouraging words regarding my ING app. I will let you all know how it turns out in a few weeks or so. In other blogging news I've been flapping my yap over at Raising Colombian Kids all this week. Yesterday I talked about "Things to do before Leaving Bogotá" and today I'm talking about navigating the airport. Yes, strangely I was able to write a whole looooong blog post about El Dorado Intl. Airport. I've been there THAT many times. You can check both of those posts out here. Tomorrow for my swan song as a guest blogger I'll be talking about something really special. Something that we did in Colombia that up until now I haven't really been able to put into words. I find that sometimes it is very easy for me to convey a story about mundane, everyday life and very difficult for me to convey something that is very important to me. And this event impacted me so strongly that I fear even talking about it because words don't do it justice.

The special event was meeting Elian's foster family. We had onces with his foster parents a few hours before we left and meeting them was an experience that was only second to meeting Elian.

Many of you know how hard it was waiting three months to go get Elian. At night I would lay awake staring at the spot where his crib would be imagining where he was in Bogotá. I would pray every night that he was safe and sound with a loving family. I would imagine his foster mother tucking him in and kissing him goodnight. I thought about him every single night for three months. Praying that he had a good family was the only thing that kept me sane during that time.

After meeting his foster family I can tell you that those prayers were answered far before I dared to breathe life into those words. Elian's foster parents are more wonderful than I could've imagined. I owe them my little boys health and happiness and when I feel impatient or frustrated with him I remember their faces. I remember how they loved him for a year and half knowing they would have eventually have to give him up. I remember that the reason he is healthy and happy was because they showered him with the best they had. I remember how big their hearts are to have done that for us and for him and I take a deep breath, calm down and re-commit myself to being a worthy recipient of their beautiful gift.

Posted on February 18, 2010 and filed under Adoption.