Nutella and the No Good, Very Bad, Terrible, Horrible Week

Poor Nutty has had a hard couple of days.  First she was taken from the vacation-palace that is Chez Dahlia and Mark and returned to the nuthouse that is Casa Perez.  This might be insult enough but then she discovered that she had been usurped as the baby by a small yet LOUD little hurricane.  She spent the first week shaking and screaming in the kitchen. Oh and then I took her to the vet and they clipped her nails to short and was bleeding everywhere.  And then they couldn't stop the bleeding because another dog woke up from anaesthesia and started howling.  Nutty is an empathetic/anxious soul so she started wailing as well.  This sent her blood pressure skyrocketing which apparently=me waiting at Banfield for another 1/2 hour. I wasn't happy when I got home...and then....

Then we came home and her face started to explode.  Like big time.  Puffed up so big she looked like a rottweilier.

Allergic reaction to the vaccines.  As we drove back to the vet for the third time that day in rush hour traffic horrified by the thought that she might die as I saw her eyes start to bulge out my guilt was palpable.  "I'm so sorry pumpkin! I'm just so overwhelmed" I cried!  In response she threw up on Carmen.

The good news is she's fine.  The bad news is that I kind of hate Banfield now.

The other good news is that two weeks in Nutty seems to be warming up to Elian.  Perhaps her near-death experience brought them closer?  Or perhaps my guilt-induced increased diligence in walking her has calmed her anxiety.  Either way today she willingly licked his hand.  It was a nice moment.

Posted on February 11, 2010 and filed under Livin la Vida Loca.