Home Sweet Home

We made it home and while the flight(s) weren't as terrible as I was expecting I can't say that a 13 hour trip with a 1.5 year old is enjoyable either.  And for that matter, nor is the day after a redeye flight with a toddler but you know what?  I was so relieved to be on the plane all together that I could've cared less about the screaming.  (Note to all travelers: There is something worse than being on a plane with a screaming baby and that's being the person whose holding the baby. ) When we arrived in Sacramento and I stood up to de-board several people looked at Elian and nodded their heads as if to say "Oh that's where all that noise was coming from".  I'm glad none of you had to make that trip with us but I can't deprive you of the funner moments of the trip can I?    Here's a small and unthorough "photodocumentary" of our journey home!

Posted on January 31, 2010 and filed under Adventures in the World, Livin la Vida Loca.