Alicia Keys and Naptime

This week I'm doing my last stint of guest-posting over at Melinda's blog.  Today I walk waiting parents through the technical aspects of Sentencia.  If you are so inclined, check it out here!

I love, love, love Alicia Keys.  I actually cried once watching her perform at the Grammy's.  True and embarrassing story.  The precision of her playing and her amazing lyrics just got to me.  Two weeks later for Valentine's Day Arnold bought me not just her CD but also the sheet music to go with it!  I know, I am luckiest girl ever.  Please don't remind me of this when I am grumping about how he doesn't dry the knives correctly.

But enough about Arnold and his romantic-comedy worthy thoughtfulness, this post is about Alicia Keys.  I love her originality, I love her lyrics, I love that she's bi-racial like me.  So obviously I bought her new CD before we went to Colombia.  And obviously I love it.

The first days we were with Elian were rough on all of us but I'm sure especially on him.  It's scary being a little person in an uncertain and unstable world.  So he wasn't into going to sleep at naptime.  He just couldn't and I can't really blame him.  It's scary to go to sleep when you don't know what's going on.  So I would take him to the third floor of Andres and Maritza's building and just push him around in his stroller until he crashed.  And I would do this while listening to Alicia Keys on my iPod because the third floor of their apt. building consists of an empty hallway and a gym that is not yet open.  It usually took him about 5 songs to fall asleep.  It became a sort of joke, measuring how long naptime took in Alicia Key's songs.

As in "I got him to sleep in 5 SONGS TODAY!"  Woot! Woot!

And then one day we were going on the whole album and I was getting a little bit impatient.  It's really exhausting learning to be a parent and 18 months is really a hit-the-ground running age.  There's no crawling or sitting.  When Elian is awake he is AWAKE so suffice it to say naptime is very important to me.  I was getting frustrated.  I prayed for patience.  God did not see it fit to grant me patience.  So I continued pushing him around somewhat grumpily.  Elian babbled enjoying himself immensely. My thought process went something like this "Go to SLEEP!  LIke an hour AGO!"  Stomp. stomp. stomp.  And then I stopped when I heard a song that eased my frustration:  Perhaps God did not see it fit to grant me more patience but I did receive a helpful reminder.  I am his mother now and I have to continue pushing to learn how to love him better every single day.  And sometimes that means no naptime.

That's How Strong my Love is -Alicia Keys

Some people they call me crazy For fallin' in love with you They can take me and lock me away baby Cuz there's nothing those bars can do

I'll be the rising moon after the setting sun just to let you know you'll always have someone I'll be the clear as day when the rain is done So you'll always know

Through the shake of an earthquake I will never fall That's how strong my love is Like a shift through the storm we can risk it all That's how strong my love is

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