To infinity and BEYOND!

On New Year's Eve we bought last minute tickets to Bucaramanga so we're taking Elian on his first flight today.  I am praying that it won't be horrible seeing as we have a 12 hour flight in our not-so-distant future.  The good news is that our flight is only 1/2 hour long and that waiting for us on the other side will be Abuelita Carmen y los Tios Richard and Octavio.  I can't wait to see Abuelita Carmen's superhero powers in action. I am looking forward to meeting my nephew David for the first time and a joyous reunion with my friend the Lebrija Hotdog.  I will also probably enjoy spending 1 week and a half or so lolling around watching NatGeo.  I'm not sure what the internet will be like while we're there but hopefully we'll have adventures to report soon.

Posted on January 1, 2010 and filed under Adventures in the World.