Packing and Family Pics

Today I dispense my "wisdom" about what we packed for Colombia and loved and what we wished we would've brought over at Melinda's Blog.  Sadly none of the companies whose products I love gave them to me for free.  One day people! One day I'll have a job like Eileen's awesome Clinique gig.  Wilipina power! I also have one last rambly story from Lebrija...

Last week I realized that it could be many years before we return to Santander.  Our financial responsibilities now cover Elian and Carmen and buying 4 tickets back to Colombia just might not be in the cards for awhile.  Keeping all this in mind I decided that we should seize the day and take a family picture all together.  I also decided that Carmen and I should go to the salon because I needed a BREAK like yesterday!  So off we went!

If this sounds like an outing, just keep in mind that Lebrija is tiny, so the salon was like 2 blocks away and consisted of one lady and some stray kids who were hanging around.  Not exactly spa-like but you can't beat the price.  It cost me $2 to have the lady straighten my hair for 30 minutes.  The flatiron was so hot I thought she was going to burn my face off but I swear when she was done I looked into the mirror and thought "Freaking A, this is why movie stars hair always looks amazing.  Professional-grade flatirons"   Courtney Cox, I'm a coming for ya!

Anyways my own personal hair revelations aside the best part was Carmen's hair.  I should point out that my mother-in-law is no stuck in the 70s, never stopped parting her hair in the middle slouch.  LIke so many Colombian women she keeps up with fashion and isn't afraid to go bold but I'm sad to say that we had to have a little hair intervention.  First the stylist talked her into using the flatiron and holy crap her hair looked amazing!  She has beautiful thick, and I mean Shakira-thick hair.  But then we had a little back-sliding when she asked the stylist to give her 90s style chicken bangs. When I saw what was going on I had an ethical deciison to make... Should I say something?

I had to think fast, picture day was that night and these bangs were CRAZY! They were about to be immortalized.

So, I said... "You know, that looks nice but maybe some side bangs might be more modern"  I said it like I was a Project Runway judge.  "You know, it's not very modernnnnnnn"  The seven year old next to me turned around and looked at me with wide-eyes that said "Thank God you said something!"   She was all Michael Kors to my Nina Garcia.

All across the salon, the little kids and tweens hanging around nodded in acquisence while I held my breath wondering if I'd hurt her feelings.  "Why can't I just shut up?" I asked myself?  You've gotten too bold with the triumph of getting your own Mom to wear some bootcut jeans.

"Whatever my daughter-in-law says goes! Emily knows best." Carmen declared!

Wh-what?  Sometimes I just love her so much!  I couldn't believe it.

I breathed a sigh of relief and then thought to myself, "Geez, if only everybody else in my life could get on board with this way of thinking!!! "   You hear that Elian?

After the bang intervention was finished the little girl next to me nodded her approval and told Carmen "It looks much better that way."  And I thought to myself... well my work is done.

Here's our family pics.  We took them at a place called"Foto Shock!" and mercifully everybody in the family agreed that we could keep the weird tweety-bird background and excessive subtitles that are so popular here off the pictures.  I don't need a picture that says "My family is great" in cursive across the front.  One hopes that message is implicit.

I think we are pretty-damn cute together!  Don't forget to check out Carmen's new modernnnnnn hairstyle!

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