I have to say it was a good day

In all the excitement I forgot to mention that I've been spouting "travel advice" about Bogota all week over at "Raising Colombian Kids" to see the photos that Elian and I wandered around snapping of his beautiful hometown click here.  God-willing today we will be at the Embassy finishing up the last details for Elian's visa.  We are currently experiencing a ridiculous technical problem that might prevent us from getting his visa on time to leave tomorrow night. Please pray that this will get resolved for us.  Arnold and Carmen have to leave tomorrow night regardless of what happens and just the idea of having to make the 13 hour trip back by myself with Elian makes me break out in hives. Okay.  I will now take a break from freaking out to share some pictures.  Unlike today monday was a happy day. We'd like to share it with you. In order to be fancy I will call this a photo-documentary!

Posted on January 27, 2010 and filed under Adoption.