Back to work Juzgados!

A side note:  Yesterday I found out that other adoption agencies are actually referring parents who are adopting from Colombia to our blog.  Crazy!  We are Colombian-Adoption-Internet-Famous.  Take that Paris Hilton!  Anyways, to all the parents waiting and the parents who are re-living the wonderful journey to get their child through our blog.  Welcome! Thanks for joining us on this wild ride. Yesterday the courts re-opened!  Finally!  This means we could submit our request to finalize the adoption. Currently we are Elian's legal custodians, foster-parents of a sort if you will.  Today I guest posted about the process of submitting paperwork, you can check it out here if you like.

And since I'm talking court stuff perhaps this is a good time to explain why we are in Colombia forever.  In order to take advantage of Arnold's winter break we left the day after he got off school.  Unfortunately his break also coincided with the Colombian courts' winter recess and since the courts weren't open we couldn't move forward with the adoption until now.  So yesterday we requested our court date and hopefully we will get one within the next two weeks.  The process of finalizing the adoption is called "Sentencia", in English this sounds bad but in Colombian adoption "Sentencia" is very good!  Once we've gone to family court and finalized the adoption we can go to the Embassy and file for Elian's visa and future US Citizenship. I've heard the Embassy rounds take another week or so.  After we've gotten all that taken care of we can go home.  I honestly cannot wait.  I love Colombia but it's really hard to see the effects of our erratic schedule on Elian.

Plus I miss Nutella and my bed.

Also Malia mentioned that I hardly post pictures of myself and Elian.  This is because I'm both vain and the principal photographer in the family.  However I don't just take pictures of Arnold caring for Elian, sometimes I help too!  Here's some proof!

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