Crossing the Street and Sentencia Update

Woo-hoo! At some point a few weeks ago I packed Elian in the Ergo and we went out to hit the streets in search of pics for a new series of Travel Tips for Raising Colombian Kids.  It's called Bogota for Beginners.  Alliteration!  Fancy!  Today I blogged about Crossing the Street. Seriously I wrote a whole blog about crossing the streets in Bogota.  Check it out here. Last Friday we found out that our documents had been reviewed, approved and returned to the judge.  Now there are two steps left 1) The judge must sign the papers and then 2) We will be called to court to sign the papers which will legally finalize the adoption.  DUM DUM DUM!  Our facilitator reports that she is "extremely surprised" at how quickly the process has gone. I hope that as you read this blog entry  that we are signing those papers.

As I write this blog we're getting ready to enjoy a lovely goodbye dinner of Paella for Andres' mother at Maritza's parents house. It  is a wonderful drizzly grey day in Bogota.  Maritza's parents house is a paradise of wi-fi and extra adults to entertain Elian.  Loves it.  Pray that we'll have good news to share tomorrow...

Posted on January 24, 2010 and filed under Adoption.