What's with these homies dissin my bill?

In High school I was a nerd, a VERY HAPPY nerd.  Not an angsty nerd with low self-esteem.  A HAPPY nerd who could've cared less about my innate geekiness.  I embrace it.  Still do, always will but I digress.  Nerds and Model U.N go together like peanutbutter and chocolate so obviously I was in Model U.N.  But no, I couldn't just be in Model UN I had to be extra geeky and think that Model UN was the BESTHINGEVER!  And honestly, it was, it was so much fun! You know what else I loved in high school?  Weezer.  (Trust me I'm going somewhere).  And guess who was the UN Secretary General when I was in Model U.N.  Boutrus-Boutrus Ghali!  The man so nice they named him twice!  (Don't worry I'm still on track)  And guess what Weezer song perfectly lent itself to a Model UN paroady song?

Ding ding Ding!  Buddy Holly..... oooh eeeee oooh I like Boutrus-Boutrus Ghali.  Oh oh and your Adlai Stevenson.  I don't care what they say about our policy.  I don't care about that!  Bang bang gavel on the floor.  Fight broke out 20 delegates dead!  Oh no!  What do I do... Yeah, there are numerous verse and a bridge but I'll spare you the details.  Just suffice it to say that I am totally willing to sing it at social functions.

Actually just a few weeks ago I sang it for Dahlia's astonished husband Mark who apparently did not previously realize that Model UN is SERIOUS BUSINESS!  I think he thought Dahl named their cat Boutrus for her Egyptian roots.  The look of disbelief on his face as we belted out the third stanza was priceless.  Fresh off this triumph I could not resist taking this picture at the UN in NY last month.  Here you go my high school friends and fellow nerds.  This one is for you!

Posted on December 2, 2009 and filed under Adventures in the World.