This post brought to you by free airport Wi-Fi and a 4 hr layover

Well, I can't believe we finally made it to... Houston.

See this weirdo sleeping on the floor?  Yeah, that's Arnold and I think this picture says everything about the crazy week we've had... I always thought as the day got closer that we would be a Hallmark card of excitement and joy but it was more like a Lifetime "Special Event".  There was anxiety, fitful nightmares, bureaucratic debacles, heavy workloads and lots and lots of hysterical crying.  I won't speak for Arnold but I quite frankly spent most of the week alternating between three states of being: 1) Hysterical Mess 2) Freakishly Efficient 3) Overwhelmed with Gratitude.  I think that psychology textbooks refer to this kind of week as a "Stressful Life Event".

It's very strange indeed to oscillate between having a hysterical breakdown on the phone with an FBI agent to cooing over baby clothes and installing childproof latches but it's all over now and I feel like I'm starting to come together and let myself start to get excited. And now, lulled by the comparative blissful calm of the Houston airport it's all starting to sink in... tomorrow, barring any further disasters we are going to meet the little boy who will be our son.  The little boy who will change our lives forever.  The little boy we've been imagining and praying for and loving from afar for three long months.

Posted on December 20, 2009 and filed under Adoption, Adventures in the World.