Referrals and More

Hey before I forget, if you are new and visiting from Melinda's blog.  Welcome! Ever since we got our referral in last September our life has been crazy.  CRAZY I TELL YOU.  It has been joyful and strange and very, very stressful.  I usually try not to go into a lot of detail of what it's like to do the adoption because it's like taking bad college class.  Lots of vocabulary and busy work.   A lot of hassle, a lot bureacracy, a lot of getting your fingerprints done, a lot of waiting.  Today on Melinda's blog I detail the multitude of steps you take after getting a referral. There have been a lot of hard moments in the adoption process but having to wait these last three months knowing our little boy is out there in the world growing and changing without us has been terribly difficult.  If you've wondered why I have been on the edge of a nervous breakdown since last September, this post might help paint a much clearer picture.

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Posted on December 14, 2009 and filed under Adoption.